User registration closed

Since 2013, Pact has been thoughtfully attempting to garner additional funding to both ensure the community’s ongoing operations past June 2014 (when the current funding runs out) and to focus on expanding our overall strategic direction for the community’s work. Despite everyone’s dedication and efforts to raise additional funds, Pact has been unsuccessful in securing firm interest from a myriad of donors that Pact approached in the past 12 months. We have taken steps for phased close-down of Pact’s engagement in the SEA Change project but leave open the possibility of a new third party to take over the activities and resources of the learning community.

Pact will stop formal moderation and active support of the SEA Change CoP project in June 2014. The option to register as a new members will be closed, but the community’s online resources will be kept accessible for more than one full year through November 2015. Any interest from your side in the voluntary moderation of the SEA Change platform into the future is welcomed and can be emailed through the contact us page.