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Title Author Organization Country
Evaluation Review 3: Evaluating programmes through a climate adaptation lens: Reflections from coastal areas in Asia and the Pacific Dennis Bours, Colleen McGinn, Patrick Pringle SEA Change CoP, UKCIP Asia
Strengthening adaptation capacities and minimizing risks of vulnerable coastal communities in India AdaptCap AdaptCap India
Evaluation Review 2: International and donor agency portfolio evaluations: Trends in monitoring and evaluation of climate change adaptation programmes Dennis Bours, Colleen McGinn, Patrick Pringle SEA Change CoP, UKCIP Asia
Does climate change aggravate gender inequalities?: Empirical assessment from South India Stefanos Xenarios, et al. Bioforsk India
A comparative analysis of emerging institutional arrangements for domestic MRV in developing countries ANYA BOYD, SAMANTHA KEEN, BRITTA RENNKAMP Energy Research Centre Brazil, Chile, China, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Thailand and South Africa
Impact monitoring and evaluation of productive electricity use: An implementation guide for project managers Jörg Peters, Gunther Bensch, Christoph M. Schmidt GIZ Worldwide
REmap 2030: A renewable energy roadmap (Summary of findings) IRENA IRENA Worldwide
How could LDCs benefit from NAMAs? Sandra Freitas, et al. CDKN Worldwide
Evaluation Methodologies Kristin Olsen, Sheelagh O‟Reilly IOD PARC Worldwide
Evaluation Review 1: Design, monitoring, and evaluation in a changing climate: lessons learned from agriculture and food security programme evaluations in Asia Dennis Bours, Colleen McGinn, Patrick Pringle SEA Change CoP, UKCIP Asia
A guidebook for IUCN’s thematic programme area on greening the World economy (TPA5) David Huberman IUCN Worldwide
A toolkit of policy options to support inclusive green growth AfDB, et al. AfDB, the OECD, the UN and the World Bank Worldwide
Scoping a green economy: A brief guide to dialogues and diagnostics for developing countries IIED IIED Worldwide
Developing ecosystem service indicators: Experiences and lessons learned from sub-global assessments and other initiatives Matt Walpole, et al. UNEP-WCMC Worldwide
Targeted scenario analysis: A new approach to capturing and presenting ecosystem service values for decision making Francisco Alpizar, Andrew Bovarnick UNDP Worldwide
The climate investment fund: Business guide First Climate WBCSD Worldwide
Human development in a changing climate: A framework for climate finance UNDP UNDP Worldwide
Monitoring and evaluation frameworks and the performance and governance of international funds Vivideconomics AfDB Africa
How climate finance can support sustainable development IIED IIED Worldwide
Climate & environment assessment: Business case for macro-evaluations of the strategic vision for girls & women & DFID’s investments J. Mark Ritchie Evidence on Demand Worldwide