Membership Guidelines

SEA Change COP members engage in activities related to the monitoring and evaluation of adaptive responses to climate change. Members enjoy access to posting questions, sharing information in the discussion forum.

Professionals and organizations are invited to become members of SEA Change.

Below are guidelines for membership.

Membership Type

  • Members may be professionals (from within or outside the region), affiliated or not affiliated with institutions, who have knowledge and experience in M&E and/or climate change initiatives in Southeast Asia
  • Members may be professionals representing institutions (from within or outside the region) such as academic, civil society, grass roots, private, government, foundation, and donor institutions, engaged in M&E projects and/or climate change initiatives in Southeast Asia.

Membership Responsibilities

  • Members are willing to share challenges and lessons learned, as well as successes
  • Members strive to create an environment of trust and to foster insightful, non-threatening discussion of ideas and experiences
  • Members distribute leadership responsibilities and collectively share in the management of the community
  • Membership and topics reflect professionals and organizations striving to improve monitoring and evaluation practices regarding climate change interventions
  • Members advance their professional goals through participation in the community
  • Members contribute to the community through their experiences, skills, and time
  • Members agree to be respectful and use appropriate language in group discussions and to listen and respond to each other with open and constructive minds
  • Members will participate to the fullest extent possible -- community growth depends on the inclusion of every individual voice
  • Members commit to search for opportunities for consensus or compromise and for creative solutions
  • Members will contribute to an atmosphere of problem solving rather than stating positions
  • Members will attempt to build on each member's strengths, and help each other improve areas in need of further development
  • Members refrain from discrimination in the form of comments in the virtual space dedicated to members in regards to race, ethnicity, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability and political affiliation in addition to profession and sectoral, institutional and geographical representation.