With funding from the Rockefeller Foundation and technical and logistical support from Pact, SEA Change is a maturing virtual Community of Practice (CoP) focused on the monitoring and evaluation of climate change interventions in Asia, and beyond. Where the community was initially focused on Southeast Asia - hence the 'SEA' in SEA Change - the focus now includes the entire Asian continent in its widest definition.

Climate change is a real challenge globally and scientists, policy makers, and practitioners across government, private sector and the not-for-profit sectors are struggling to find effective ways to adapt to the increasingly disruptive effects of changes to ecosystems and livelihoods of people. Without concerted and focused action, many of the development gains made in alleviating poverty will be wiped out. Learning how to design, implement and scale up more effective interventions to address the effects of climate change requires advances in approaches to capture learning, monitoring progress and evaluating achievements.

The SEA Change CoP is one answer to the growing needs found in the intersection of monitoring and evaluation and the implementation of climate change interventions.

The SEA Change online platform
The SEA Change online platform is a platform that is constantly in development, based on the needs of its members for new and improved networking opportunities. "Version 2.0" of the online platform was launched in January 2012 and well received by the community members. "Version 3.0" of the SEA Change online platform was launched in July 2012 and at this point the platform was migrated to the Drupal Content Management System (CMS). This migration to Drupal was initiated because this content management system has a much bigger community of support, a higher level of security, additional options to integrate with other networks and news streams, and more possibilities (and a more intuitive interface) to add and change content to the platform.

From Version 3.0 onwards the platform will be updated on a regular basis in a stepped approach of a sequence of smaller adjustments. "Version 3.3" (finished end of March 2013) includes an updates page showing an overview of latest resources added, news facts on an 'in the news' page. We are currently implementing the last changes to a blog/vlog page to initially start re-blogging in collaboration with our partner Climate-Eval and later create our own blogs.

Let us know what you think!
We invite users and our SEA Change members to explore the options on the SEA Change platform and provide feedback to the Team Leader and team of web developers.
Please email us your feedback and many thanks for helping us improve the SEA Change CoP online platform.